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Planet Purification tree story

A few hundred million years ago
Because of the second space war, Water planet Tranius
It became a planet that is polluted by radioactivity and hard to live in life
Purification tree that seeded there
They walk independently while seeking for  radioactive substances that become nutrients
The radioactive substances incorporated into them
Soon they will release the purified H2O
They purify this land over the next few thousand years
It will eventually evolve into humanity
But now the memory of the past faded, the foolish history  is going to be repeated



Planet Purification tree 1
wood sculpture,one wood 2012
H:122cm W:15kg
76th Shinseisaku 2012  selected

Planet Purification tree 2
wood sculpture,one wood 2012
H:86.5cm W:10kg
76thShinseisaku 2012  selected


The atmosphere of life                                        

Mr. Katsutoshi Shirasuna’s new work of wood sculpture in 2013 [Dawn] A variety of contrast structures are linked more spirally than before.
Heavy / light, uplift / sinking, ascent / descent, orthogonal / rocking, cusp / circle ···
Material tree and artist’s mind, frankly and delicately, sympathize , converge, fuse, open.
It is fostering the atmosphere of life that is not easy and straightforward.
What a beautiful dangerous temptation full of work.

K Art Museum Director  
Tadashi Koshinuma


作品タイトル【Reimei (Dawn)】
wood sculpture,one wood 2013
H:202cm W:93kg
77thShinseisaku 2013  selected


“Japanese tree spirituality”

Since a photograph was established as an art of cutting out a moment, a way to create expressions incorporating time (narrative nature) was found in paintings. Several paintings of Ms. Keiko Ajito, such time nature (narrative nature) probably is woven into without the awareness of herself.

My idea is that art in the 21st century, whether painting or stereoscopic modeling, incorporates time nature (narrative nature) Mr. Katsutoshi Shirasana’s new Sculpture work I saw last night It seems that the work is an example of a work that embodies my idea.

The Work of over 2 meters consists of three woods, the main body (?) part, the head part, and the protruding part.

Round shape of the bottom of the main body part makes me think feminine. The principal axis from there to the head = the torso part shows a powerful and supple expression of vitality that springs up like a flame (Homura). The deep knothole at the top of it seems to be the eye of a mature spirit. He is also conscious of it, carved like a face of Spirit of the tree.

A wood joined like a crown on top of it and a big wood like a horn of an elephant or a rhinoceros protruding sideways together make a curve like a crescent moon. That tusk like a horny shape is attacking expression. It is the power of one ax swing.

Feminine shape that is expressed silently at the bottom, a face of old man centered on a knothole, and brave and masculine form like a fang or horn of impression rushing down hard.

And the rising life force of the torso as their main axis. These four expressions are joined together like chimeras (chimaera).

This is Yamato Takeru.
The turbulent god. It would be a new expression of Japanese tree spirituality.

K Museum of Art Director
Tadashi Koshinuma


【Shirube (Guide)】 
wood sculpture,  keyaki(Zelkova) hinoki(japanese cypress) sugi(cedar) 2014
H:220cm W:106cm D:104cm W:93kg
78thShinseisaku2014   selected 

【Raihousha (Visitor)】

wood sculpture, one wood  2012

【Boukensha (Adventurer)

wood sculpture, one wood  2012

【Uka (Emergence)

wood sculpture, one wood  2012

【Guardian of imagination fountain】

wood sculpture, one wood  2012

【Front,back and choice】

wood sculpture, one wood  2012

【Heavenly Fountain

wood sculpture, one wood  2012

【Fantasy puzzle】

wood sculpture, one wood  2012